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Note from the Founders

Welcome to White Whale Partners!

We are a mutli-disciplinary investment firm where great emphasis is placed on a disciplined investment process. Based on our experience in financial services globally over the last 20 years, we have created a platform where our strong alignment of interest and unwavering partnership ideals converge to create unique, investor- friendly solutions.

Each team member brings distinct skill-sets from diverse areas of the financial and business world to create a powerful formula for investment success. With thorough research and diligence ingrained in our DNA, we evaluate carefully identified opportunities within the private and public markets at the most granular level.

At the heart of it all however, we are investors first and thus, we always have skin in the game to ensure that our clients are truly our partners in every investment decision.

Co-Founders, White Whale Partners

Our Crew

55+ years of global and extensive India experience, and complementary skill sets make us a formidable team